Packaging solutions can be re-used in a variety of different ways

The humble hat box is a necessity for anyone who is planning on travelling to see the royal wedding this year, or on paying a visit to Royal Ascot. The hatbox is often somewhat overlooked, as many people think they can simply pack their hats in a suitcase or bag.

However, not putting your beautiful, sophisticated hat in a specially designed hat box can cause it to become squashed and flat and not looking its best once you have arrived at your destination.

And hatboxes aren’t just meant for one time use, there are a range of uses for your hatbox especially if you choose a decorative hatbox like the ones that Golden Choice packaging company are able to produce.

Golden Choice’s innovative packaging soultions such as their luxurious paper bags and hat boxes are not just functional items - they can also be used to create striking visual displays too.

Whether you choose to stack your hatboxes in your shop, or home they can come in extremely handy for storing items to keep them tidy, such as jewellery and accessories, make up or photographs. Alternatively they can also be used to create an innovative way of displaying your merchandise, which can also make an eye catching and imaginative window display too.

Or if you want to do your bit for the environment and want to recycle your packaging solutions, hat boxes can also make great custom gift boxes which are ideal for any occasion too.

If you want to order your own packaging solutions, such as hat boxes or paper merchandise bags from this paper bag supplier please email to Our expertise could be your too!